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Better Positioned for 2016: Hillary or Biden?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Six years is obviously a long time in politics, and could make this a moot exercise. But with few obvious Democrats next in line for a presidential bid, it is worth considering who is better positioned for 2016 right now: the sitting Vice President, Joe Biden, or 2008′s runner-up, Hillary Clinton. The answer, it seems to me, is Biden.

AKIE BERMISS: I would never count out Joe Biden, but I think its fair to say that he’s really a Primary-level candidate. If Obama had never reared his youthful head, Hilary would have soundly trounced all her competition in the Democratic primaries. Biden included. If it really comes down to a battle between Clinton and Biden: I expect the Clinton name, legacy, and political savvy to simply overwhelm the brusque, gaff-iness of Joe Biden. Continue reading

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Democratic Loyalty

AKIE BERMISS: Last week, after Vice President Biden’s exhortation of the Democratic base, there was great deal of blow back from liberals across the board. I spent nearly an hour on twitter arguing with a friend and fellow-blogger as to whether liberals should or should not abandon the party. Biden was characteristically crass and undiplomatic in his speech and what stuck in many Democrats craws was his demand that we all “stop whining.” While I think that may have been quite possibly the worst way to put it, I do basically agree with the sentiment. Continue reading

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State of the Union Reactions

HOWARD MEGDAL: There is much that President Obama did well in tonight’s speech, though how much the speech succeeded will ultimately be determined by legislative action and the voters in 2010. But the most vital part of President Obama’s speech Wednesday night was placing the Democratic Party on the side of regulating Wall Street.

JESSICA BADER: The thing that struck me the most about Barack Obama’s first official State of the Union address was how comfortable, how in his element, he seemed while giving it. Even knowing what a gifted speaker the President is and the sense of calm he projects even when the going gets tough, I would have expected some amount of nervousness to seep through as he delivered this speech that will supposedly determine the fate of his presidency (at least until the pundits determine another pivotal moment to fixate on). Instead, he was witty and self-deprecating, not afraid to riff off of the reactions of the audience immediately in front of him even as he was explaining his agenda to the audience watching on a screen.

Like Obama has done throughout his time in the national spotlight, he found the right words, delivered them the right way and at just the right time. Continue reading

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Biden to Bed: Hello, Joe!/Examine Me, Dr. Jill!

Today, I embark upon my very own campaign. Today, I officially throw my thong in the ring to become Jill Biden v 2.0.


While President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are hard at work bringing…

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