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Amazon’s Kindle Mistakes

STEVE MURPHY: Amazon had a terrific idea with the Kindle: make books as portable as music. Make a single device to buy, store and read all the books you could ever want to own. A hand-held paradise for those who like to both read and travel at the same time. But… they’re doing it wrong. They’ve taken this great idea and, with the help of publishers, tarnished it so badly it will not be easy to clean.

HOWARD MEGDAL: The Kindle does replicate the reading experience, if not build upon it. The portability of a device that allows me to feel sucked into a given work is a tremendous development. Furthermore, getting newspapers and magazines delivered straight to my Kindle has been a fantastic experience. Reading the New York Times by the pool, or Newsweek while I work out, has never been such a low-maintenance experience. Continue reading

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