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Yankee Pitching: Enough for October?

HOWARD MEGDAL: With the extent to which the baseball playoffs are a sample-size nightmare, it is possible that the Yankees will use their offense to run over the competition. But to me, this team looks far more like the editions that fell short in October last decade, rather than last year’s world champions. And the reason for this is a simple one: lack of decent starting pitching.

CHRIS PUMMER: That a couple Yankee starters are posting inflated ERAs over the last two months is no reason for panic to set in before the playoffs. The situation is simply not that dire. Continue reading

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Third Place, NL East: Braves/Nationals

Oh, there was a time that picking the Atlanta Braves for third place would’ve elicited laughter.  But then, there was also a time that an episode of ALF would’ve done the same.  Lately?   Not so much.

The Braves have a…

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