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Celebrities We Hate

AKIE BERMISS: Being born in 1983, all of my interaction with things before that is imaginary. And I suppose that is the way it is for all people. History is something you learn either from books or stories or its something you capture from older people around you as it translates down the ladder of generations. And so one can imagine oneself in the times before one’s existence by that proxy. So I have always nursed this false nostalgia for the decades gone by. I feel in my heart that maybe super stars were really stars then. That singers were really singers, that leaders were really great men and women who commanded the attention of the nation, and that celebrated persons were really worth celebrating. I know its probably unrealistic — that, more than likely, those celebrities are as vapid and untalented as many of our present day celebrities — but I still reserve a place in my heart for the simpler beauty and convictions of what songwriter and pianist Dave Frishberg describes as the “dear departed past.”

ZOË RICE: If I pride myself on being rational and forming opinions based on experience and empirical evidence, then why does this recent Defamer article about irrationally hating certain celebrities ring so true? “Hate” takes it too far. But I admit to distasteful feelings when I see or hear about Renee Zellweger, January Jones, or Megan Fox. So, why? Why do I never want to share a dinner table with these women I’ve never even met? Let’s explore.

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Mad Men: Week 12 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: Watching John Slattery’s brilliant direction of Episode 12 of “Mad Men”‘s Season 4 left me in a strange state of shock in preparation for next week’s finale. With each little detail of this season popcorning itself briefly into our consciousness before receding back into the mayhem, we as the audience are reminded of all that happened in the past 12 episodes of “Mad Men.” Sally was seeing that child psychiatrist. Glen had made Sally that little lanyard that she kept under her pillow. Don Draper was keeping a journal. Midge existed once. The emotional overload of Betty’s bitchiness and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s desperation was enough to leave you numb from the punch, and almost begging for the next swing. Continue reading

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SNL: January Jones/Black Eyed Peas

STEVE MURPHY: A lukewarm way to start the show. Joe Biden doesn’t have the level of public exposure these days that I think was needed to pull this one off. Plus… I mean the jokes really weren’t the kind a person laughs at.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I am all for topical humor, but is the idea that Joe Biden says what’s on his mind particularly topical? Continue reading

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Emmys: Where’s January Jones?

HOWARD MEGDAL: First among these shows is Mad Men, which is, to my mind, the finest program currently on television. And the 16 nominations for Mad Men seem entirely appropriate. However, I am surprised that Elisabeth Moss was nominated for best actress, while January Jones was not. This is not a slight of Moss, who is a terrific actress who does a fantastic job portraying Betty Draper. But moreover, the entirety of season 2 hinged on her acting, and she displayed tremendous emotional depth within the narrow range of outward behavior Betty’s character allows. Moss is not undeserving; Jones certainly belongs there as well.

EMILY SAIDEL: Within what categories should television shows be compared? Should actors in half-hour shows be up against actors who have the opportunity for twice the screen time? Continue reading

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