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Paul Ryan/Matthew Morrison

JESSICA BADER: If the opposition party’s official response to the State of the Union address is memorable, that is usually not a good thing for the politician who delivered that response. Just ask Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and onetime rising star of the Republican Party. Tapped to respond to Barack Obama’s first address to a joint session of Congress two years ago, Jindal’s speech is remembered for an ill-advised remark about volcano monitoring (which would end up looking even worse when a volcano erupted not long after the speech) and for his uncanny resemblance to Jack McBrayer’s Kenneth the Page character on 30 Rock. Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin congressman who chairs the House Budget Committee, steered clear of mocking efforts to manage natural disasters in his response to the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, but he couldn’t escape the resembling-a-TV-character trap.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Paul Ryan’s resemblance to Matthew Morrison is both unsurprising and apt. Both have been greatly overhyped in comparison to the substance of what they provide-in Morrison’s case, the sophomoric Glee, in Ryan’s case, a budget guru whose basic math doesn’t add up. Continue reading

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SNL in Review: Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars

HOWARD MEGDAL: This is typical of what SNL gets wrong. They are convinced something is in the zeitgeist- sometimes correctly, I believe in this case, incorrectly- and that merely by giving viewers a straight-on presentation of it, the humor will flow naturally. Well, it didn’t. Not here. And that one joke was repeated throughout the skit. Crazy that this opened the show.

ZOË RICE: I enjoyed this. I can’t say I know much about Gloria Allred, but both the questions and answers made me chuckle. Continue reading

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