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Having Stuff Vs. Doing Stuff

AKIE BERMISS: I resent the frequent assertion that buying “experiences” gives more lasting satisfaction than buying “things.” While it makes sense from a pop-pysch stand point (wouldn’t we all like to believe that its the experiences that matter and not what we own) I think its a load of crap. To paraphrase the song, give me the finer things in life — and I’ll be happy.

CHRIS PUMMER: Your happiness is probably related to your quality of life. My iPod certainly improves my quality of life. Continue reading

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The Kindle: God’s Gift to Readers/Irrational Love for Books


Ode to the Kindle

At ten point two ounces, so slim and sleek,

Your easy access library provides

Over two hundred thousand texts to seek–

Physical versions can be cast aside.

With a daily commute I dread the…

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