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Netflix for Books?

AKIE BERMISS: Various times in the short history of this publication we’ve puzzled over the future of books and of reading and of literacy.  We’ve discussed the demise of Borders and the rise of eBooks and the changing lay of…

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iPad Emoticons and Everyday Conversation

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’ve been finding it more and more difficult lately to express myself during casual, face to face conversations with others. I’m fine sending text messages or chatting on IM, but actual in person interactions have become strangely complicated in recent years. For example, I’ll be telling a story to a friend in person, and I’ll feel the need to stop and punctuate a sentence with a smile, to show that I’m in a good mood, or a winky-face, to show that I’m teasing—but it’s strangely awkward making those faces with my actual face. How did we used to express moods like >=o and :D to each before the advent of the instant message? And how did you know when you had made someone LOL or WTF?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Verily, if you need to, say, read the New York Times online or amuse your baby with video fish, the iPad is indispensable. But you might have a care for the rest of us! For we who have mastered the fine art of analog facial expression find ourselves going the way of chivalry and scrimshaw. Continue reading

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HOWARD MEGDAL: As a Newsweek subscriber on my Amazon Kindle, I am a bit of a hybrid between the forces that are crushing Newsweek and those who are keeping it alive. Molly and Jeff will speak more about the usage of the magazine today; for me, an inveterate reader of publications, I find Newsweek unusually well-edited and vital, despite having read about most of the stories in lesser depth prior to coming across them in Newsweek.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I like reading Newsweek. Granted, I’m not passionately devoted to it. I don’t get a tingly feeling every week when I open my mailbox and find a Newsweek waiting for me—or if I do, it’s a minor tingly feeling; below the one I get when I receive the latest Cooks’ Illustrated, but above the one I get when I have no mail. Still, I enjoy reading Newsweek.

JEFF MORROW: I still love print magazines, but I dropped my subscription to Newsweek five years ago. In an internet world, an accessible news weekly may no longer serve a purpose. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Sex Robots

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: Hey, look guys.  A sex robot.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: That sex robot is terrifying. And what’s really sad is

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MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m not sure about Apple’s claims that the iPad will change the way we experience the web, but maybe they meant that in a subtle way—kind of like how crazy straws have changed the way we drink juice.

AKIE BERMISS: The laptop is the home-computer now. Its flexible for any kind of living situation, takes up less space, and works well for typing up long items like term-papers, or business, proposals, or books. Its not the fun, young, hip and sexy girl at the prom anymore.

That’s the iPad. Continue reading

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