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The Week in 2012

CHRIS PUMMER: If Tim Pawlenty is finding comfort these days it’s in the fact that the Hindenburg, much like his presidential campaign, wasn’t very high off the ground when it exploded. Continue reading

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This Week in 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: Today’s editorial in the Des Moines Register highlights a real problem for Michele Bachmann, who officially kicked off her presidential campaign this week. She’s not, as Ed Rollins would want you to believe, Sarah Palin, but…

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No Huckabee; Now What?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The exit of Mike Huckabee from the 2012 GOP race has huge ramifications. Arguably, no candidate or potential candidate had a broader hold on the likely GOP electorate as Huckabee.

Consider the groups Huckabee could claim as his…

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The Fall of Bruce Pearl

ALEX PREWITT: It’s embarrassing. It’s degrading. It’s downright shameful. Any negative adjective you can think of, it probably can be used to describe Bruce Pearl’s past few weeks. The University of Tennessee men’s basketball coach has lately been the subject of a whirlwind of controversy after admitting to lying to the NCAA and facing sanctions from his own school. Pundits have called for his firing, his contract is in jeopardy (though termination can’t be considered until the NCAA makes an official ruling and finds that he’s committed a significant violation) and, quite possibly, Pearl’s reputation is ruined.

CHRIS PUMMER: The lame attempt at a cover-up was probably worse than the original crime. But it’s not the letter of the law that will mark Pearl so much as the violations of decorum.

That’s just a verbose way of saying Pearl has gone from being viewed as a would-be good guy to being not just a bad guy, but also a hypocrite. Continue reading

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