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Google Stealing Data

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Right now a debate rages as to whether Google grossly overstepped its bounds by collecting and saving the data of users on wireless unencrypted networks for around 3 years. Frankly, I don’t see how there is any way that Google’s actions are defensible.

AKIE BERMISS: I’m with Molly — I fear Google. I find their hippy-dippy branding to be way over the top. Five years ago, it was hip and wonderful and exciting. Now its such obvious pandering as to seem malicious. I’m not saying I hate Google — I use Gmail, google calendars and documents, blogger, and my main browser is Chrome — but I think that when you get to a certain level of power and ownership it can become nearly impossible not to be an overbearing presence.

DAVE TOMAR: People have aggressively surrendered their privacy in exchange for the narcissistic view that we can be noticed by others and leave a mark on the world, even if it is just a media footprint. The Warholian 15 minutes of fame has been critically devalued. In theory, everybody gets the 15 minutes. But it used to be for good reasons like foiling convenience-store robberies, winning local bake-offs or finding a Rembrandt lodged between the pipes in your attic. Now, you just tell everybody in the world exactly what you’re doing at all times and hope that somebody gives a crap enough to click the ‘thumbs up’ icon. Continue reading

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