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The New Planet/International Star Registry

ZOË RICE: GJ 1214b, or “super-Earth.” That’s what they’re calling our newest possible sister planet, located a few dozen light years down the cosmic road. As a long-time sci-fi and Discovery Channel enthusiast, I can’t help but be excited about the discovery. GJ 1214b–or Soggy, as I’ll call it here, despite not having registered the name with any sham authority, hits a good deal of the qualifications for nurturing life: not too close or far from its sun, an atmosphere of helium and hydrogen, and the likely presence of water. The question I like to muse upon is, But what kind of life?

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: Not for nothing, but this super-Earth isn’t the first to be discovered. It’s actually the thirty-first. In any event, even after it is officially named, no doubt every inhabitant of regular-Earth will be able to name it again under the aegis of the International Star Registry. (Or, rather, its wholly-owned subsidiary International Super-Earth Registry.) Continue reading

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