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MLB Trade Deadline Analysis

DAVE TOMAR:FoxSports.com reported early on Wednesday afternoon that the Philadelphia Phillies have reached an agreement for 2008 AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee. Pending medical review, this would add last year’s 22-3 lefty to a starting rotation that is actually coming off an excellent July in which the team has compiled a 19-5 record thus far.

CHRIS PUMMER: For all the hype around Roy Halladay maybe getting dealt, this might just be a quite trade deadline. Halladay’s no lock to be traded, and most of the contenders this year don’t seem to have clear enough needs to make it worthwhile to pay the price in prospects and/or bad contracts. Continue reading

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A Multipart Discourse on Reunions

JESSICA BADER: My five-year high school reunion is just a couple of weeks away, and I’m already a bit nervous about the whole thing. You see, I wasn’t particularly popular back in high school, and I haven’t really done the best job of keeping in touch with the people I was friends with back then (unless you count passively viewing whatever status updates are on the front page whenever I go on Facebook as “keeping in touch”).

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: My ten-year high school reunion is around the corner, and my feeling is, either I’m showing up with Hugh Jackman on one arm, pushing a stroller full of nonuplets with the other, or I’m not showing up at all.

STEPHON JOHNSON: I believe it was Bridget Fonda’s Janet Livermore character in the film Singles who said “Somewhere around twenty-five, bizarre becomes immature.”

As I write this, I’m one year past that age where bizarre starts being immature. Next weekend, my alma mater holds its annual class reunion. It marks five years since I graduated from college and many old pals have requested my presence.

But I’m not going. Continue reading

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