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Stephen Colbert’s Testimony

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Not everyone was impressed by Stephen Colbert’s recent in-character testimony before Congress – even, possibly, those impressed by the previous testimony by Sesame Street’s Elmo or by Harry Reid’s Twitter conversation with Lady Gaga.

AKIE BERMISS: Anytime Stephen Colbert goes to Washington DC I get excited for the ensuing news cycle. Was it just 2006 when he spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner? It seems so long ago: the Colbert Report was brand new. Its like most Americans over 35 had never really heard of Stephen Colbert. And then he walked into that dinner throwing fireballs of satire around. The discomfort could have been cut with a knife. It was a moment that made us all say, “Wow — this guy is no joke!” Continue reading

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Immigration: Missed Democratic Opportunity?

JESSICA BADER: I agree that the Democratic Party should be embracing immigration reform, and to a large extent it is. President Obama supports comprehensive immigration reform, as do the party’s Congressional leaders and many of the rank-and-file members. It’s also a top priority of the liberal base. The problem is what the problem so often is – Democrats can’t present a unified message on a key issue because some of their most conservative members won’t go along with it.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: It is past time the Democratic Party embraced immigration reform, not only because U.S. immigration laws badly need fixing, but also because doing so will drive a wedge into the Republican Party while simultaneously picking up lost Latino, Catholic, and – yes – even evangelical votes. Continue reading

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Hispanics and the GOP

HOWARD MEGDAL: Make no mistake about it: support for the immigration law in Arizona will alienate Hispanics the way African-Americans have been alienated by the GOP over decades of dog-whistle racism.

JESSICA BADER: The Republican Party’s hard shift to the right on immigration is often referred to as something that will benefit them in the short term but hurt them in the long run as Hispanics make up an ever-growing share of the universe of potential voters. I’m not so sure that it’s even a short-term winner for them

You may find it morally reprehensible, irresponsible from a policy perspective, and so on. But what choice does the party have, politically? Continue reading

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State of Arizona

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, the largest consequence of the state of Arizona’s draconian measures regarding immigration may the the effect it has on spring training in Florida.

DAN SZYMBORSKI: While I agree with Howard on the general point that I don’t like the law, I’m going to disagree on the reasons. Continue reading

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Immigration Reform and the Democratic Party

JESSICA BADER: The purported political implications of immigration reform seem to go a long way towards explaining why it stalled a few years ago and why its fate is uncertain now. Democrats in swing districts (particularly in the Rust Belt) fear Lou Dobbs-style demagoguery from the right that could cost them their seats in Congress. Republicans worry that immigration reform would result in a growing bloc of Hispanic voters increasingly loyal to the Democratic Party. However, both sides have it wrong.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Consider me a skeptic that Immigration Reform, championed by the Democrats and demagogued by the Republicans, will lead to Hispanic voters leaving the Democratic Party in droves. History has shown that groups who get big victories from political parties tend to stay awfully loyal. Continue reading

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