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Hunter Pence, Hold or Fold?

CHRIS PUMMER: The Astros need to decide if a reasonable extension is a likelihood, and if not, need to find Pence a new team if the package of players is right. Continue reading

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Ed Wade: A Look Back, and Forward

CHRIS PUMMER: Ed Wade is probably the right man at the right time for Houston. And as long as his notorious fetish for overpaid middle relievers doesn’t destroy the organization in the meantime, he’ll be a capable placeholder until Houston owner Drayton McLane gives the go-ahead for a real rebuilding project.

DAN SZYMBORSKI: In today’s game, with the general quality of general managers being much higher than 10-15 years ago, Ed Wade is out of place. The Randy Smiths, Syd Thrifts, Chuck LaMars, and Allard Bairds of the world have generally been relegated to lesser advisory positions. Unless, of course we’re talking about teams run by former Wal-Mart CEOs.

CHRIS NEEDHAM: The best defense of Ed is this: he doesn’t completely suck. Just mostly. Continue reading

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