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NHL Moves

CHRIS PUMMER: NHL salary cap clearing season has begun, and two teams that found themselves in the Stanley Cup Final just a year ago have had to part with key pieces of those postseason runs.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers both jettisoned high-paid parts to gain flexibility, but the Hawks look to be making stronger decisions in this regard. Continue reading

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ORPHANED OPINON: Mario Lemieux, Please Walk Away

DANIEL FEUERSTEIN: On Friday, February 11th at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum the Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin-less Pittsburgh Penguins came into Long Island to face the New York Islanders after they defeated this same team in Pittsburgh with a three goal shutout victory and of course Rick DiPietro getting injured in a goalie fight with back up Brent Johnson. Continue reading

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NHL Season Preview

NAVA BRAHE: The Toronto Maple Leafs are going to win the Stanley Cup this year. That’s it; that’s the extent of my contribution to this NHL season preview. Anyone else? Just kidding…
JASON CLINKSCALES: This perspective being brought to you someone who considers himself a slightly-above-average puckhead. In hopes of bringing others who didn’t care about hockey before last year’s Winter Olympics, beyond the game play itself, here are three stories that might bring you a bit closer. Continue reading

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In Briefs Olympics In Review: 2/22-2/23

JESSICA BADER: So, what are everyone’s thoughts about NBC devoting the prime-time coverage last night to ice-dancing and skiing and putting the US-Canada men’s hockey game on MSNBC? I feel like the people who are mad about this are overreacting…

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Olympics Preview

AKIE BERMISS: People hate the Olympics. I’m not sure why. I know its really boring and there are (usually) no gunfights, or stabbings, or explosions.

TED BERG: This is a drum I’ve been beating a long time: The Olympics suck.
Continue reading

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