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Hitler’s Citizenship Revoked

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I was a little surprised to read that the town of Braunau am Inn in Austria, which is widely considered to be Hitler’s hometown, had recently revoked his honorary citizenship. Certainly I can appreciate the town’s wishing to distance itself from Hitler (although why it waited until now to do so is unclear, unless they have just been really backed up on town business for the last few decades).

HOWARD MEGDAL: Frankly, Molly, I’m surprised to hear you oppose such a solid public policy choice, one that offers only moral upside and comfort to a town’s citizens, while merely exposing Branau to a missed tourism opportunity. Continue reading

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Moving the Dodgers: Blame Moses or O’Malley?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I have heard all the revisionist arguments. I know what a difficult man Robert Moses was, thanks in ridiculously fantastic detail from Robert Caro. I understand getting the stadium he wanted was difficult, and that poor Walter O’Malley would have had to settle for free land and a free stadium in Queens.

It is still unconscionable that O’Malley moved the Dodgers clear across the country.

JASON CLINKSCALES: Howard carries on an understandable grievance on behalf of those before us who saw Dem Bums as the progressive, community-knit team that wore their colors proudly for the borough. However, 53 years after the Brooklyn Dodgers went west with Harlem’s New York Giants, the idea of Walter O’Malley’s greed and only his greed being the reason for the move is a bit unfair as New York City’s “master builder”, construction czar Robert Moses played a significant role as well. Continue reading

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