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Review: The New Girl

ZOË RICE: Sitting down to watch New Girl, I kinda knew I was going to either love Zooey Deschanel in the role or hate her. Cuteness can go that way – and Deschanel is very cute. She’s stunning to look at with her million-dollar-gem sized eyes, milk skin, and thick, wavy dark hair, but wait – she’s quirky too! Off screen I dig that. I follow her fashions and enjoy her interviews. But for me on screen, her quirky cuteness mostly boiled down to: Oh my God, stop singing.

JESSICA BADER: Watching the pilot of New Girl, I kept thinking two things. One, this has the potential to be a fun, zeitgeist-capturing hit (the douchebag jar is genius). Two, the creative team needs to step away from the caffeine/sugar/whatever it was that made the show feel so frenetic – the little vignettes of Schmidt getting mocked at work for his pink tie and Coach yelling at the women in the exercise class he was teaching made my teeth hurt. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Underwear

LAURA ROBERTS: Ugh. Just say no to both granny panties AND buttfloss. How about a nice hipster that covers the bum *and* looks like you could use it as a bikini bottom in a pinch?

NAVA BRAHE: So, does this mean the end of low-rise and the return of “normal” rise? I just wish we could come up with something better than “granny panties”. Any thoughts? The caffeine hasn’t quite kicked in yet. Continue reading

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