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Racist Cupcakes

ZOË RICE: I’m stuck on the how. How does this ad make it past ad execs, cupcake execs, glaze execs, focus groups, and people with eyes without anyone saying “Hang on just one sec…” Basically Duncan Hines is saying “Here’s some minstrel flavored cupcakes. Only now we’re calling them hip hop. Enjoy!” Somewhere Aunt Jemima is shaking her kerchiefed head and murmuring, “Now that’s some racism.”

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I would like to second Zoe’s observations, and to add only that I particularly didn’t appreciate that the plain, unfrosted “vanilla” cupcake had no sense of musicality until it was turned, by the use of chocolate glaze, and auto-tune, into a hip-hopping “chocolate” cupcake. Continue reading

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Janelle Monae

Eric: I did not sign up for this topic because I had something coherent to say about Janelle Monae. Rather, it was blind and overwhelming enthusiasm.

AKIE BERMISS: Well, on the one hand, I too and writing from sheer, unbridled fandom. I think I heard a snippet of Monae’s “Tightrope” a few months back and I thought it sounded pretty funky. In fact, it led me to look up her bio and read reviews of her previous record — the self-produced Metropolis EP. And, as a geek and funkster, I have weakness for all things alien, cyborg, and futuristic. Funk is, after all, that futuristic music. Its the blues for robots. And, if you’ve ever read any Isaac Asimov you’ll know, when robots get the blues its heavy.

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Jay-Z: New Album and Music’s Michael Jordan

STEPHON JOHNSON: Jay-Z will always get significant attention whenever he releases an album. Whether you like him or not, that attention, along with his legacy, is well-deserved.

LUCAS O’NEILL: It’s fitting that Michael Jordan will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend as Jay-Z drops his latest offering, The Blueprint 3. Conceding from the jump that sports/music parallels are invariably somewhat forced, there are nevertheless similarities between these two G.O.A.T.s. Continue reading

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Allen Iverson’s Legacy

STEPHON JOHNSON: Allen Iverson’s career arc marked the beginning and the end of the NBA’s connection to Hip-Hop music and culture. His image will always overshadow his greatness.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I don’t disagree with anything Stephon said, but I just wanted to further clarify the value Iverson brought to individual teams. Keep in mind, I also loved Iverson from his first flash of national action against Arkansas as a Georgetown freshman. He’s in the pantheon of athletes I remember the first time I saw, and for good reason.

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Pro or Kanye?

STEPHON JOHNSON: Kanye’s ego check via South Park would not have come without his embrace of Auto-Tune. Checking his ego could make him lose his edge to the detriment of his fans.

AKIE BERMISS: At times, I think, I may be the only person on the planet who thinks Kanye West isn’t that great. Its a lonely place to be: haterdom. But somebody’s got to do it. Continue reading

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