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A Multipart Discourse on Reunions

JESSICA BADER: My five-year high school reunion is just a couple of weeks away, and I’m already a bit nervous about the whole thing. You see, I wasn’t particularly popular back in high school, and I haven’t really done the best job of keeping in touch with the people I was friends with back then (unless you count passively viewing whatever status updates are on the front page whenever I go on Facebook as “keeping in touch”).

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: My ten-year high school reunion is around the corner, and my feeling is, either I’m showing up with Hugh Jackman on one arm, pushing a stroller full of nonuplets with the other, or I’m not showing up at all.

STEPHON JOHNSON: I believe it was Bridget Fonda’s Janet Livermore character in the film Singles who said “Somewhere around twenty-five, bizarre becomes immature.”

As I write this, I’m one year past that age where bizarre starts being immature. Next weekend, my alma mater holds its annual class reunion. It marks five years since I graduated from college and many old pals have requested my presence.

But I’m not going. Continue reading

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