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College Signing Day

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I’ve had the Signing Day discussion with several colleagues and coaches, and we all agree it’s getting out of hand.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I live in Alabama, which, it could be argued, is currently the center of the college football world. That also makes it the center of the craziness that has come to define National Signing Day. In Alabama, as in other places around the country, what was once an interesting day for college diehards now borders on — and often crosses over into — the creepy, sad and even dangerous. Continue reading

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Essays For Hire

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Although I have found myself suffering through some pretty staggering assignments in high school and college (ask me about my junior year term paper on Russian Futurist poets, or the ten page paper I wrote freshman year of college about Anna Karenina’s hair), it has never occurred to me to outsource my labor writing papers by paying someone else to write them. Continue reading

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Inappropriate School Speakers

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: When I was in Middle School—that’s grades 6-8, for those of you who grew up without the benefit of one—almost certainly in sixth grade, when we were most impressionable (or whatever), my class was treated to an assembly presentation by a local law enforcement officer. The topic: Drugs. (Or, more likely, Drugs Are Bad.) I remember nothing from the presentation (which was, to be fair to myself, 25 years ago) except this meta-vignette:

EMILY SAIDEL: When I was growing up, and this may still be true, New Jersey required three marking periods of gym and one marking period of health education for all four years of high school. Of course, one year of health was sex ed and another, quite usefully, was the testing part of drivers’ ed. Another was completely forgettable, probably about illegal drugs, and the final year, senior year of high school was something along the lines of useful life skills. Continue reading

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