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In Briefs: Do Men Notice Women Wearing Heels?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I refuse to believe that men don’t notice when women are wearing high heels.


ZOE RICE: men are dumb. they’re not *that* dumb. They realize, even if subconsciously…or at least I bet they realize when the woman *isn’t* wearing heels and therefore looks slightly dumpier…

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: You walk differently in heels! And you’re taller! And you generally feel either sexier, or in pain, or some combination of both. And all of those things are noticeable. Fie on this study. Continue reading

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ZOË RICE: In part I blame Sex & the City, the same way foot fetishists the world over might herald it. Shoe culture truly began with that show and its worship of a teeteringly high, impossibly thin, ridiculously expensive stiletto heel. Carrie seemed to tell us that a high heel would be the key to beauty, status, and–if perhaps not happiness–at least fabulousness. And really, aren’t the two one in the same?

But no. Happiness and fabulousness do not necessarily travel in tandem.

AKIE BERMISS: At best my relationship with women’s shoes is something akin to, “Why do we have all these shoes in here?” Typical male, hetero-normative response, yes. No doubt. Because I don’t really notice a woman’s shoes when they are on her feet. When they are laying around the apartment? Sure. When she’s trying to get the off or on? Absolutely. And occasionally, when I see woman very awkwardly, uncomfortably trying to navigate the act of bipedal locomotion in a pair of leather stilts — I notice then too.

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: Heels are just sexy. There’s no denying it. They change your posture and your gait for the better. The right pair of heels make you feel like sex personified – and, truly, who doesn’t want that? Continue reading

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