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Review: Harry Potter, Book Seven, Movie Two

HOWARD MEGDAL: I feel like a hypocrite here. My major complaint about Book Seven, Part One is the utter lack of plot or movement. So who am I to complain that in the final installment, we had too much plot and not nearly enough to go with it?

AKIE BERMISS: I disagree with Howard intensely! I hear where he’s coming from, but I think 18 hours into this series — I just don’t think any criticism works if the movie works even on a basic level. After all, this is not just some stand-alone film nor is it a simple sequel or even the end of a trilogy. It is the last of eight feature-length movies. And it has a lot of weight to throw around. After all, what fan among us did not wait with bated breath these last few months for the release of the final installment of the Harry Potter movie series? I know I did. And, as a fan, my road has been somewhat longer and yet shorter than most. As a person who for many years rejected the very concept of the Harry Potter books while being totally vulnerable to the movie magic of the first couple films, I spent the first eight years of Potter’s existence mostly in the dark. It wasn’t until a fateful week in January of 2005 that I finally caved in and read the first five books (up to Order Of The Phoenix). It was a fortuitous leap for it was that very summer that the penultimate book (Half-Blood Prince) came out. And since then we’ve been careening forward to this moment, when the final book’s final movie installment would be released to the public.

And what a long, strange trip its been! Continue reading

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Review: The King’s Speech

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: Hearing only good things about “The King’s Speech”, either from people who had seen it before me or from reviewers who have the luxury of savoring the film fresh out of Hollywood, I was prepared for something a cut above the substantially lacking CGI speckled scenes that have come to hypnotize the modern movie goer. I had heard rumors of serious Oscar buzz for Colin Firth (who stars in the film), and applauded that concept wildly, simply for his undeniable ability to dominate and humanize a role with the confidence that would put one in mind of a male counterpart to Meryl Streep. In no way, however, was I prepared for such a pure, raw, inspiring piece of film making that encompassed the mystery of the Royal Family and the very human dilemma of coping with imperfection.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agree wholeheartedly with Sonia’s take on the film as a whole, but I’d like to spotlight a particular achievement- Colin Firth’s ability to score consistently with wit, despite his character’s speech impediment. Continue reading

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