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Waiting For Health Care

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Freshman GOP Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) put his foot in his mouth the other day by insisting to know why he had to wait 28 days for his health benefits to kick in. But give the guy a break: not only did he lodge his foot in his mouth, but now he has to wait four weeks for his podiatrist to dig it out.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When the liberal media bias nonsense is perpetrated, I often think about stories like these, and how little we hear about them. I guess the theory goes that when a story like this is buried, but Park51 turns into a month-long conversation about whether Muslims=terrorists, that’s just the liberal media covering its tracks? Continue reading

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McDonald’s and Health Care

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: After threatening to drop its health insurance plan for its lowest-paid employees, McDonalds has asked for and gotten an exemption from the federal government to keep offering the plan, despite the fact that it doesn’t meet the new health care law requirement that 85% of the premiums paid go toward providing health services to the payees. After seeing the plan, however, I have to ask: who, exactly, is benefiting from this, or has McDonalds discovered yet another way to fleece the poor?

DAN SZYMBORSKI: Perhaps McDonald’s can develop their new insurance policy. If you’re working at McDonald’s and probably eating McDonald’s food. you probably don’t have a long to live anyway. After tasting a Big Mac, I think Sarah Palin should swoop in because McDonald’s greasy food is akin to a culinary death panel. Continue reading

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