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World Cup Recap: America and Abroad

HOWARD MEGDAL: There’s something about both soccer and the Internet that encourages people to strongly express a disliking, rather than simply ignoring it.

And I think that colored much of the overall World Cup experience here, which was a very strong one, on balance.

While many will point to the strong U.S. showing, allow me to point to another possible reason: the penetration into the marketplace of HDTV.

JASON CLINKSCALES: Recently, I was in Frankfurt, Germany and London, England as part of a MBA student trip. It provided a tremendous opportunity to not only experience the business culture on the other side of the Atlantic, but an even better opportunity to observe these cities during the World Cup. For nearly two weeks, I was witness to what is considered the globe’s biggest party.

Actually, it was a party in Frankfurt. London was a different story, altogether.
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In Briefs Olympics In Review: 2/22-2/23

JESSICA BADER: So, what are everyone’s thoughts about NBC devoting the prime-time coverage last night to ice-dancing and skiing and putting the US-Canada men’s hockey game on MSNBC? I feel like the people who are mad about this are overreacting…

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