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In Briefs: Congressional Schedule Disrespecting Christmas?


I would like to argue that by extending holiday shopping all the way back to the day after Halloween, Christmas is actually disrespecting the work schedule of the U.S. Senate.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: WHEN are Christians FINALLY going to get a break?!! Jeez! Continue reading

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Ensign 2012

CHRIS PUMMER: Nevada Sen. John Ensign can thank his Republican Senate colleague David Vitter (R-LA) for proving that the sky is the limit for what a politician can get away with and still get reelected comfortably.

JESSICA BADER: As much as I highly doubt that John Ensign will still be a U.S. Senator in January 2013, the David Vitter comparison provides an intriguing frame through which to examine the extreme uphill climb Ensign would face in trying to win another term. Continue reading

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Election 2010 Predictions

HOWARD MEGDAL: Senate: Republicans gain six seats.
Notable: Reid wins, Manchin wins handily, Buck wins, Toomey wins, Boxer wins by double-digits. McAdams loses heartbreaker to Miller. Murkowski third.

CHRIS PUMMER: I’m not sure about the Senate. I’ve been championing Harry Reid’s ability to survive, Joe Sestak’s ability to come back, and I know Russ Feingold outperformed the polls pretty solidly six years ago. Only Reid doesn’t look like a dubious position right now.

Republicans gain 5 Senate seats (Arkansas, Indiana, North Dakota, Wisconsin by a smaller margin than the polling indicates, and one of CO/IL/NV/PA). Alaska will not yet be decided by the time the next Congress is sworn in.
Continue reading

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Letter to Harry Reid

HOWARD MEGDAL: Dear Harry Reid, I just wanted to thank you for weighing in by opposing the Ground Zero Mosque that is neither at Ground Zero nor a mosque. As a Jew to a Mormon, I can’t imagine creating a climate of religious intolerance can come back to bite either of us! Bravo.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Dear Harry Reid: Despite the massive uptick in patients visiting our local hospital complaining of right-sided whiplash after your mosque-related comments, I absolutely could not agree more with your statement that the “Ground Zero” “mosque” should be built “someplace else.” In fact, as a Wiccan Shaman Druid who is New Age through and through, I believe I speak for all my siblings in Gaia when I say that Park 51 – like all other places of actual or potential worship – should be built “someplace else.” Continue reading

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The Tea Party and 2010

HOWARD MEGDAL: While it is easy to dismiss the threat of the Tea Party to the Republican Party, I think observers do so chained to a past with very different circumstances than 2010. These are not your mother’s third party voters.

JEFF MORROW: The Tea Party activists are, at heart, Republicans. They would strongly prefer Democrats not be elected. For that reason alone, they won’t bring down the Republican Party in 2010 or later.

CHRIS PUMMER:In the end, NY-23 won’t be remembered by conservative activists as the reason to throw the Republican party under the bus. It will be a reminder that trying to upset the establishment inside a GOP primary is fine. But the only way to achieve any victory in November will be to fall in line behind the Republican candidate. Continue reading

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Health Care Summit In Review

CHRIS PUMMER: I’m sorry, but I didn’t watch the HCR summit. I didn’t have time, and even if I did, I wasn’t expecting much. Just skimming the recaps, it looks like it did when they first announced it: a waste of time orchestrated to provide some extra political cover for Democrats when they ram it down the GOP’s throat.

AKIE BERMISS: Unlike Chris, I DID watch the HCR summit and I can confirm that he didn’t miss very much. I made the painful commitment of watching from start to finish — which worked out to be something 10am to 5pm. And the majority of it was spent either completely watching President Obama and the Democrats react to the highly organized Republican talking points. In the press conference the Democrats held afterwards, Harry Reid opened by saying: “The most patient person in the world is Barack Obama.” Continue reading

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Real Democrats and the 2011 Senate

JESSICA BADER: Between known patterns working against them (the President’s party tends to lose seats in midterm elections; a lousy economy tends to fire up anti-incumbent sentiment) and recent events fueling a bad narrative (Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat being won by a Republican and the ensuing stalemate over healthcare reform), it certainly doesn’t seem like a good time to be a Congressional Democrat seeking re-election this November. One would think this would be especially true for someone like freshman Representative Tom Perriello.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While Jessica speaks to the efficacy, politically, of the real Democrats, she speaks to what the Democratic Party is likely to be in 2011. Because barring some unforseen change in wind direction, the Senate Democrats will lose some seats in November. Nevada’s going to be awfully tough, Arkansas too, and several others. The question is: what will that leave in 2011? Continue reading

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Health Care: Calling All Sidecars

HOWARD MEGDAL: From a political perspective, President Obama’s Health Care Summit is absolutely perfect.

JESSICA BADER: I generally agree with Howard on the political implications of the upcoming healthcare reform summit (although I think an all-HCR version of the GOP retreat showdown is more likely than the empty-chairs scenario, despite the current posturing from John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Mitch McConnell). As much as Obama is often accused by some of his liberal critics of fetishizing bipartisanship at the expense of watering down his policies, that accusation is far more true of moderate and conservative Congressional Democrats (especially those in the Senate). Without a public demonstration of both the Republican-friendly ideas already incorporated into HCR legislation and the GOP’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith, the right flank of the Democratic Party is likely to keep insisting on letting Lucy hold the football one more time. Continue reading

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Harry Reid: Marshalling votes on health care or more of the same

CHRIS PUMMER: If Harry Reid had to twist arms alone, it wouldn’t done. That he’s got someone holding down the twistees means he won’t have to risk failure to make it happen.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I’ll believe it when I see it. Continue reading

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Forcing The Filibuster: Senseless Fun/Political Necessity

Forcing the issue on Republican filibusters is a short-term feel-good move unlikely to produce the result Democrats desire.


The legislative battle over the economic stimulus bill illustrated the contours of what is left of Republican power in Congress.

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