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Howard Dean: No Friend to Democrats

HOWARD MEGDAL: I’ve had it with Howard Dean. I’ve had it with the impolitic statements, with the sense of entitlement that seems to come from a single, failed presidential campaign, and I’ve had it with the idea that Dean represents much of anything within the Democratic Party. And his opposition to the Cordoba House is just the final straw.

DAVE TOMAR: Howard Dean was, for a time in 2004, the man of the hour. So many of us gravitated toward Dean for his bold antiwar stance, his no nonsense demeanor and the fact that he seemed less likely to be a re-animated corpse than John Kerry. So what if he seemed to be kind of a dick. Continue reading

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Letter to Harry Reid

HOWARD MEGDAL: Dear Harry Reid, I just wanted to thank you for weighing in by opposing the Ground Zero Mosque that is neither at Ground Zero nor a mosque. As a Jew to a Mormon, I can’t imagine creating a climate of religious intolerance can come back to bite either of us! Bravo.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Dear Harry Reid: Despite the massive uptick in patients visiting our local hospital complaining of right-sided whiplash after your mosque-related comments, I absolutely could not agree more with your statement that the “Ground Zero” “mosque” should be built “someplace else.” In fact, as a Wiccan Shaman Druid who is New Age through and through, I believe I speak for all my siblings in Gaia when I say that Park 51 – like all other places of actual or potential worship – should be built “someplace else.” Continue reading

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