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Modern Family: Season Two, Episode 23

KIP MOONEY: There are good episodes, and there are classic episodes. The good ones give you some good scenes, some memorable lines, but plenty to complain/nitpick about. But those classic episodes make you forget all that because they do everything the show did to make you fall in love with it in the first place AND add some new wrinkles that make you love it even more.

Only thing that made no sense to me in this episode: Cam, who is a former professional clown, doesn’t see any humor in falling down? Once again, this is a ridiculous misuse of is character as it was originally constructed. Continue reading

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Life During/After College

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Now more than ever, the line between adolescence and adulthood is extremely blurry. At this point the post-college lifestyle is likely to be in many ways similar to the college lifestyle. (Or even the pre-college lifestyle, for graduates who then move back home.) This lengthening in recent years of the hazy, responsibility-free period of young-adulthood has made it less likely for recent graduates to wax nostalgic about their college years.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: I lived on campus, in a dorm across the street from the Arts and Sciences building, all four years of college, and I loved it for any number of reasons. Five-minute walk to class. An even shorter walk to the library and the cafeterias. A private room (this was one of the perks of the Honors college). All my best friends living on the same floor or, at most, a flight of stairs below me. My life was wonderfully well-compacted and well-organized, and I missed that structure terribly when I got out into The Adult World(TM) and had to start dealing with simple things like commuting to work and making my own dinner.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Depending on your experiences, it’s natural to miss your college years. But we’re not the only ones responsible for creation of the college-nostalgia monster. Continue reading

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