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This Week in 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: Herman Cain’s presidential nomination chances aren’t dead yet. I know, I’m as surprised as you are.

But take a closer look at what has ended the other bubbles, and it doesn’t become so strange after all.

CHRIS PUMMER: If the right wing of the Republican party is still casting for an alternative to Mitt Romney — and I’m not so sure it is more than halfheartedly at this point — Rick Perry is still the only real alternative.
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This Week in 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: Today’s editorial in the Des Moines Register highlights a real problem for Michele Bachmann, who officially kicked off her presidential campaign this week. She’s not, as Ed Rollins would want you to believe, Sarah Palin, but…

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Palin as Frontrunner?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Mike Huckabee’s advisor has jumped ship, leaving a gap among religious GOPers that’s free for the taking – in theory. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is inching ahead in all-important New Hampshire, but the Huckabee gap is the perfect place for Sarah Palin to shoulder her way into the front and center of the GOP nomination race.

HOWARD MEGDAL: So let me get this straight: despite no evidence of a drop in support among Republicans, Sarah Palin’s inelegant response to the Arizona shootings is the moment her chances of receiving the 2012 GOP presidential nomination disappeared?

Sorry, I don’t buy it.
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Mike Huckabee: Frontrunner?

HOWARD MEGDAL: If the Republicans were most concerned with who would be the best fit for the 2012 nomination, Mike Huckabee, the talented politician, would be a good choice. However, the reality on the ground is that Huckabee hasn’t made peace with the Grover Norquist Wing of the party, and his PAC fund, just like his 2008 campaign, shows he won’t be able to raise the funds to compete properly.

CHRIS PUMMER: When push comes to shove, if Huckabee looks like he can be a winner, the money will get behind him. John McCain was loathed by Nordquist and company going into last year’s primary season. But after the Maverick clinched the GOP nomination, it didn’t stop Nordquist from embracing him. Continue reading

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