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Review: Pan Am

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: The first episode of ABC’s “Pan Am” took off in technicolor splendor. The first five minutes of the jet-age drama had me almost in tears with the stylistic glory of early 1960s architecture and fashion. As shows like “Pan Am” and “The Playboy Club” attempt to give us “Mad Men” fans our 60s fix until March 2012, it’s important to try to not compare these shows with its Updikean counterpart. We will be disappointed, we will want more grit, we will be furious with these shows who are at least thinking outside of the box compared to the myriads of less interesting shows that swamp prime time. That being said, I’m not going to even begin to compare this show to “Mad Men” because it is an entirely different entity, being on ABC instead of AMC, having a solid enough moral compass, and its play on the unreal and fantastical that surrounds the freedom to fly.

ZOË RICE: This will sound condescending, but it’s not meant to be: Pan Am is so cute! While lacking the scope of Mad Men or the depth of BBC America’s The Hour, Pan Am’s panorama and cast manage something rather different; they exude utter charm. In their hands, the intrigue of espionage comes across as harmlessly retro. With the Cold War now decades in the back mirror, even Russian spies are pretty much adorable. Continue reading

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Oscars in Review

ZOË RICE: Oscar night! I confess, I love it. The spectacle, the surprises, the speeches–I even love judging what I don’t love about the night. And of course, though it’s become cliche, I love talking about the fashion. I look forward to being wowed; I want to see a dress and think “Oh, it’s just gorgeous.” Unfortunately, I can’t say that happened much this time around. This year’s the red carpet was muted by peaches, pale pinks, dusky grays, and washed out metallics.
JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: I love awards shows. Usually. Just not this year’s Academy Awards.

AKIE BERMISS: Well the 82nd Annual Academy Awards were last night, for those of you who didn’t know, and they were quite the scene, as usual. If I felt a little let down by the whole affair, it might be some sort of quaint nostalgia for the days when I think the Oscars were actually really, really important. Could be that I was just young and impressionable. And I wanted to be in movies back then. But all the stars came out last night and it WAS the Oscars, no doubt about that. The jokes were chuckle-worthy, but the biting humor and self-deprecation of the days when the hosts used to sing and dance and do some stand-up and really MC the evening was missing. It was surprising to see Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin so harnessed and restrained all evening. When being host isn’t what it used to be, the rest of the show really suffers. Continue reading

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