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Review: Girls

ZOË RICE: Over the past couple weeks I’ve been asked repeatedly if I like the new highly buzzed-out series, Girls. But the more pertinent question for this series is, “Do you like Lena Dunham?” Her name hovers fixedly on the credits screen for a good few seconds as the titles go by: Starring…created by…directed by…written by… The upshot is that even if you only sort of like the show but really like Lena Dunham, you’re still going to make Girls appointment viewing. I think that’s where I am.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think Girls may have been the best pilot I’ve ever seen. And two episodes in, I am absolutely devoted to this show, and Lena Dunham appears to be on my must-watch list among writers. That was quick. Continue reading

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The Right Age to Start Wearing Makeup

ZOË RICE: Much more often than not, little girls want to be as girly as can be. Even if their parents steer them toward train sets, they want the dollies. I remember my Crayola makeup set–a bright red lipstick crayon and a bright light blue eye shadow crayon. I’m sure I looked like a painted hooker in that stuff. But oh, how I loved my cheap Crayola makeup.

SARA WELSH: Makeup should be explored and experimented with, but with the instruction and care of adults at a middle school age.

KATE KOWSH: Using my own eyeliner-rific high school yearbook photos as a cautionary tale to avoid retroactive self-loathing and uncleansable shame, I’d say the appropriate age to apply make-up for girls (and guys too, if they so choose) is too subjective to quantify numerically. But, perhaps wedging in a ‘defensive applying course’-type curriculum into a personal health class near you couldn’t hurt-what with all the competing information being batted around and all. Continue reading

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