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In Briefs: Death Penalty

ALLISON REILLY: Troy Davis’ execution leaves many of us who worked on behalf of his case wondering, “What should we do next?” Although his case brought many activists out of the woodwork to support him, there were…

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Americans Can’t Read Spanish?

ALLISON REILLY: Last week, critics from both sides said something about a doctored photo of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal that appeared the January 6 issue of El Nuevo Georgia, a Spanish-language newspaper.

Editor Rafael Navarro said that the photo was meant to attract attention to Hispanic issues and the Hispanic community.

“Americans don’t read our paper because they can’t read Spanish. They don’t read our news, our editorials and the opinion of the community. But if they see a picture, they’ll get it,” he told CNN on January 25.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m very impressed by the editor of the Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Georgia. His paper recently published an article criticizing the state’s new governor, and illustrated it with a photograph that had been doctored to depict the official as a Nazi. Continue reading

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LSU-Florida: What We Learned

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I have to say I was completely shocked by the fact that LSU even won that game, much less that they won it the way they did. And maybe Les Miles finally took back the play-calling duties from his clown of an offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton. After all, the Tigers’ offense did finally get moving to the tune of 385 total offensive yards — outgaining Florida by 42 yards — and they were in the game the whole time despite several stupid penalties and turnovers. The fake punt he pulled out at the end of the game wasn’t anything too surprising, considering it’s the same one he ran against South Carolina in 2007, and the last-ditch pass into the corner of the end zone was very reminescent of the win against Auburn that same year.

SHANNON MCCARTHY: If there’s one lesson to be taken after the Tigers stomped on the F in the Swamp, it’s that the Mad Hatter still has his lucky horseshoe firmly in place.

Well, that and maybe Florida should have kept those orange jerseys tucked away a bit longer.

Another thing this game made painfully clear is that their play in the season opener was not the anomaly for the Gators – that distinction instead goes to the Kentucky game. Aside from that one contest, Florida’s offense, especially in the first half, has been a mix between a complete mess and a complete bore. Continue reading

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Georgia’s Next Coach: Bob Knight is the Right Choice/Time for Fresh Blood

For Georgia, vote Bob Knight.

STEVE KORNACKI: When he was 30 years old, General Bob Knight was the hottest coaching commodity in the country – young, proven (a 102-50 mark in six years at West Point, whose rules forbade him…

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