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Are Women Funny?

STEVE MURPHY: I’m pretty sure everyone (or at least all men) can agree that there are more funny men than funny women. Certainly there are more male comics and comedic actors than there are female, but even in everyday life the funniest person you know is just statistically more likely to have a penis.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think there’s a fundamental difference between a pair of questions. In one, are there as many female comedians as male comedians? The answer seems to be, clearly no. But are there as many funny women as funny men? Are those funny women as funny as men? The answer to that, to my mind, is clearly yes.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: None of the women stranded on Gilligan’s Island had decent comic timing; Smurfette was dull as dishwater. But to me, the lesson there was still not ‘girls in general aren’t as funny as boys’—it was ‘those girls aren’t funny’. Continue reading

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