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Plus-Sized Clothing Ads

EMILY SAIDEL: The difficulty with the increase in plus-size clothing options is not that it exists; it’s that making unhealthy bodies more physically appealing could contribute to cultural acceptance of unhealthy choices.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While Emily is right that there is a larger health issue here, I’m just not sure that making an effort to see that the 2/3 of women who are overweight/obese feel a bit better about themselves on a daily basis will lead to a worsening problem with obesity in this country, nor operate as a gateway drug for the other 1/3 to let themselves go.

AKIE BERMISS: I’m a plus-sized man and have been for some time. I was never skinny, no, but I’ve sort of yo-yo back and forth over the years between being large and athletic and just large. It should be noted that even at my skinniest, I was never really very health conscious. I might not have had too many extra pounds of fat on my frame, but I still ate a ton of junkfood and fast food and soda. I guess I’m not particularly self-conscious about my weight either so I’m fine with referring to myself as fat when, in actuality, it may be a bit misleading (and sometimes it has made concerned friends pull me aside to see if I needed some self-esteem boosting) — but when I go clothes shopping (infrequently though it may be) I do experience some serious pangs when looking at all the clothes for those rail-thin, cut, and nicely proportioned people.

For I am none of those things. Continue reading

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