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Papelbon to the Phillies

CHRIS PUMMER: The merits of forking over big money to a relief pitcher are dubious, but if the Phillies were bound and determined to spend that cash on someone to accumulate saves, picking Jonathan Papelbon over Ryan Madson was the right choice. Continue reading

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Review: Free Agents Pilot

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, Free Agents represented a pilot with promise, but likely too many roadblocks to success.

JESSICA BADER: Perhaps it’s just that I’ve grown used to it based on recent experience, but as I watched the Free Agents pilot I kept thinking about how I enjoyed it but couldn’t see it making it much past October. Continue reading

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The Manny Ramirez Signing

HOWARD MEGDAL: No exaggeration: Manny Ramirez, at one year and $2 million, is the biggest bargain of the offseason. It’s not particularly close.

CHRIS PUMMER: Intellectually, I have to agree with Howard. Emotionally, it’s a little harder. It’s not secret that Ramirez elicits a lot of strong, sometimes irrational reactions from fans — both for and against. I have to admit that I’m in the against group after watching a Sunday night game between the White Sox and Tigers in September of last year. Continue reading

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