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Fox Network at 25

STEPHON JOHNSON: FOX was able to cater to the younger generation better than anyone except for MTV. Was that a good or a bad thing?

CHRIS PUMMER:The really creative stuff in the Internet Age is all finding a much smaller niche than what big broadcast networks are by definition. So I think for sure Fox, being that network that broke into that club, probably will be the last of its kind. Continue reading

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Review: The New Girl

ZOË RICE: Sitting down to watch New Girl, I kinda knew I was going to either love Zooey Deschanel in the role or hate her. Cuteness can go that way – and Deschanel is very cute. She’s stunning to look at with her million-dollar-gem sized eyes, milk skin, and thick, wavy dark hair, but wait – she’s quirky too! Off screen I dig that. I follow her fashions and enjoy her interviews. But for me on screen, her quirky cuteness mostly boiled down to: Oh my God, stop singing.

JESSICA BADER: Watching the pilot of New Girl, I kept thinking two things. One, this has the potential to be a fun, zeitgeist-capturing hit (the douchebag jar is genius). Two, the creative team needs to step away from the caffeine/sugar/whatever it was that made the show feel so frenetic – the little vignettes of Schmidt getting mocked at work for his pink tie and Coach yelling at the women in the exercise class he was teaching made my teeth hurt. Continue reading

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Fox’s Cancellation Spree

JESSICA BADER: Over the years, I’ve grown all too used to falling in love with TV shows that last for one season or less. I still think of Bradley Cooper as the sexy TA on Jack and Bobby, I’m still bitter that Reunion was pulled off the air before the mystery at its center could be solved, and New Amsterdam is still at the top of my list when it comes to shows that never got the time needed to live up to the promise of their concept. You’d think I would be used to having the programs I’ve grown attached to ripped out from under me. Yet the utter bloodbath that went down at Fox this past week stunned even me. Continue reading

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Review: Chicago Code

JESSICA BADER: I’m generally not a fan of the typical police procedural, with its alphabet-soup title, interchangeable cast, and soundstage sets that are supposed to be some gritty urban locale. When The Chicago Code premiered three weeks ago, I only watched the first episode on a whim, my interest piqued because the show was the brainchild of Shawn Ryan, who had been the executive producer of Lie To Me. I’m glad I did, because I immediately found myself hooked on a cop show that’s anything but typical. Continue reading

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NASCAR 10 years after Dale Earnhardt Sr.

CHRIS PUMMER: Of course the NASCAR season began Sunday with its signature event, the Daytona 500. Besides the fact that a rookie racer won it this year, there’s been significance attached because it was at Daytona where Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed 10 years ago. I’ve been reading about how a lot of people attribute the dip in NASCAR’s popularity and profitability outside of the general economic downturn to the void Earnhardt’s death left among the ranks of NASCAR’s stars.

Was he really such a transcendent figure for the sports? I don’t know that I buy this argument. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Chupacabra

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Chupacabra!!!


JILLIAN LOWERY: I love everything about the chupacabra story! Especially that it’s ok to shoot things that look funny. Continue reading

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Yankee Fan Reputation: Deserved?

SHANNON MCCARTHY: Do I think the Yankees have some truly grating fans? Sure. Do I think many that profess to be fans or at least simply like to wear the hats couldn’t tell you the first thing about the bullpen after Mariano Rivera (if that)? Absolutely. But does the entire fanbase deserve to be painted with such a broad brush? Nope.

JASON CLINKSCALES: As long as the Yankees are at the top of the sport’s financial food chain, if not the competitive one, we’ll always see the worst of a good section of their fans. Continue reading

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Conan to TBS

AKIE BERMISS: For me, Television fell down the day NBC let Conan O’Brien leave and gave the Tonight Show back to Jay Leno. Television is about suspending belief. In these days, when it is no longer the main thoroughfare for entertainment and information, we are really suspending belief. There’s no real compulsion to gather ’round the tv these days. We’ve got blackberries, iphones, laptops, and: cable. Television is coming up on its emeritus days. And very few things are as synonymous with television as the Tonight Show. And to me, when the Tonight Show fell down — television fell down.

ZOË RICE: With Conan O’Brien’s move to TBS, the scales may be officially tipped. As far as relevance goes, network and cable late night programming had reached something of a balance: The Tonight Show and The Late Show dominated the network market, and The Daily Show and The Colbert Report owned the basic cable share. When everyone assumed Conan would go to Fox, a new wrench was expected to disrupt the network two-party system–how fun it would be to watch Conan battle it out with Jay and Dave within the old establishment. But now, with Conan jumping ship to basic cable, the battle he enters is much broader in scope. Instead of O’Brien vs. Leno vs. Letterman, it’s going to be senior citizen network television vs. young twenty-something cable. The very nature of relevant late-night programming may shift away from the struggling networks, extinguishing one of their last holds on wit and edge. In a couple years, network late night might simply be obsolete. Continue reading

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Floating Realignment

CHRIS PUMMER: as long as the Red Sox and Yankees keep printing money on their way to division title after division title, keeping advertisers, television networks and revenue-sharing, bottom-feeding teams happy, then baseball’s ownership circle probably doesn’t see this as a problem in dire need of a solution.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I agree with Chris on the economics of this, but the largest reason for scuttling any floating realignment is a simple one: emotional attachment to rivalries. Continue reading

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24: The New Season

JESSICA BADER: While I greatly enjoyed the first few seasons of 24, I’m disappointed by what the show has become and I can’t bring myself to watch it anymore. There comes a point where a great concept is no longer enough to keep me as a viewer, and that’s a point that 24 reached a few years ago. Continue reading

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