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Pan Am: Week 7 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: Instead of calling this week’s episode of ABC’s “Pan Am” the drowsily generic “Truth or Dare,” I think it should be called “My Boyfriend is a Yugoslavian Communist.” It was the best line in the whole show and made me laugh out loud. Sigh… remember a few weeks ago when I was sincerely hoping that this show wouldn’t turn into a sorority drama? When the words “Oh. My. God. You’re in love!,” “I’m in over my head!,” and “Tie a cherry stem in a knot,” come into play, you know you’ve reached a pretty sad point in the season when they have nothing to revert to but bottom-of-the-barrel cliches to sustain the episode’s plot.

JESSICA BADER: What fascinated me about this episode were the hints at what this show could be even as it’s bogged down in what it is. Yes, there was the overly melodramatic conclusion to the Kate/Nico storyline, and there was that boozy truth-or-dare scene early in the episode that came off like it was trying to be Sex And The City: 1963. Don’t even get me started on how the Ginny storyline seems to have been abruptly dropped as though it never happened. But the Joe/Laura and Dean/Colette scenes showed a sensitivity and attention to detail that are less common than they should be. Continue reading

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