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College World Series

SHANNON MCCARTHY: The College World Series debuted in its new home this past weekend, leaving behind storied Rosenblatt Stadium to begin a new history at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska. After almost a full week of action, the field…

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College Signing Day

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I’ve had the Signing Day discussion with several colleagues and coaches, and we all agree it’s getting out of hand.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I live in Alabama, which, it could be argued, is currently the center of the college football world. That also makes it the center of the craziness that has come to define National Signing Day. In Alabama, as in other places around the country, what was once an interesting day for college diehards now borders on — and often crosses over into — the creepy, sad and even dangerous. Continue reading

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Urban Meyer Reflections

SHANNON MCCARTHY: Those who better remember the awfulness of the Zook years have a greater appreciation for what Meyer did in turning the program around. Steve Spurrier may have built Florida football, but Urban Meyer restored it to greatness and truly made it a national powerhouse, leaving behind a legacy incoming head coach Will Muschamp will have to work hard to live up to. Continue reading

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The Joakim Noah Contract

DANIEL SPERO: It was only four years ago that the Bulls (with basically the same front office people) used their cap space for a 4 year, $60 million dollar contract for a rapidly aging Ben Wallace, so it isn’t surprising that they ponied up this type of cash for Noah. Other deals for similar players include last year, when the Cavaliers handed out a 6-year, $50 million dollar contract to Anderson Varejao, and this summer when David Lee got $80 million over 6 years. But is Noah worth $60 million over 5 years? Maybe, at least in the current economic climate of NBA teams still holding stockpiled cap space from the 2010 summer free agent bonanza that turned into the LeBron/South Beach debacle. But what about the uncertainty of the upcoming CBA with the threat of a hard cap at a figure lower than teams can currently spend before having to pay the luxury tax? In the post-CBA world the Bulls might end up paying a lot more than they bargained for in the upcoming seasons for this deal. And is Noah really worth passing over Carmelo Anthony for?

BRAD GOLDBACH: The Noah contract may be a little much in some people’s eyes and he’s certainly no Carmelo Anthony, but it was the right move for the Bulls to make because he is just one of those guys who makes your team better.

JASON CLINKSCALES: The real reason I’m all for this contract: a few extra dollars can help out his wardrobe.
Continue reading

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College Football Top Five

BRAD GOLDBACH: College football is just around the corner. A lot of big name quarterbacks like Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are gone, and although there will be some new faces taking the field this season, one name stands above the rest: Alabama. Here’s how I see the top five shaking out right now:

ALEX PREWITT: Trot out the goofy mascots and let’s charge through the tunnel, because it’s time for college football season. There’s a jumbled mess atop the preseason rankings, a convoluted pile that doesn’t figure to sort itself anytime soon. Here’s my take on the top five entering 2010-11: Continue reading

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Tim Tebow Ad

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The already-infamous ‘Tim Tebow Anti-Abortion’ Superbowl ad hasn’t even aired yet, but it’s already stirred up plenty of controversy.

JEFF MORROW: The Tebow ad sounds like a rare piece of abortion-related advocacy that earnestly tries to persuade. For a pro-life ad, that’s pretty pro-choice. Continue reading

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