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Lost Series Finale in Review

ZOË RICE: The final two and a half hours of Lost were both better and more disappointing than I expected. The ride was jam-packed with action and emotion. Awesome fight scenes, hugs and smiles, jumping off cliffs, tears tears tears. A few unexpected twists, a few much-hoped for explanations that just wouldn’t come. In the end it turns out that the show was about “Live together, die alone, but then live together again, except for the living part.”

TED BERG: So that’s it then, huh? No more Lost. Continue reading

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Lost in Review

ZOË RICE: And so we put to rest the second to last episode of Lost. Ever. Plenty happened–some of it exciting, some of it cop-outish. More death and destruction, more flash sideways bleeding (both figurative and literal), more Team Jacob and Team Smokey. And–for now, at least–still more to come.

TED BERG: One more shot to blow our minds is right. And I’ve lost all faith in the writers’ ability to do that. Continue reading

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Lost: Week 10

ZOË RICE: Oh Desmond, you time-dazzled fool. Doesn’t it seem that everyone has their way with Desmond? The island, the numbers, Eloise, electromagnetism, and of course destiny. Now add in Charles Widmore. And yet this character, always reacting and never initiating, is just so damn fascinating. For that reason, and for the return of Eloise and Daniel, I found last night’s Lost episode to be intriguing.

TED BERG: In the words of the immortal Thomas Dolby: “Science!” How great was it to see a return to the weird Lost stuff I came to love, the reliable sci-fi, electromagnetic, dimension-jumping, time-traveling elements from the first five seasons, before it became all Jesus and the Devil or whoever Jacob and Smokey are? Continue reading

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Lost: Week 2

ZOË RICE: This season’s second episode of Lost had enough suspense to keep me interested, but I can’t help feeling a little disappointed. The best moment came in the penultimate scene, and that was a bit long to wait. (Warning! Spoilers for those who haven’t watched the ep.)
TED BERG: I keep waiting for the big reveal about Kate. There must be something awesome, something so completely mindblowing and crazy in her backstory to explain her role in the larger Lost story and make sense out of how many stupid Kate episodes I feel like I’ve sat through. Continue reading

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