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Best TV of 2009?

ZOË RICE: A best-of-2009 list for television is bound to be more variable than a best-of movies list. For one, there are just so many more TV shows, and in so many categories. Comedy and drama, yes, but also reality, news, talk shows, variety, and on and on. So while my list would have to include Glee at the top, my neighbor’s might be crowned by Jersey Shore. (I would have to judge him for that. Sorry.) I should not be surprised, then, that I disagree with a good part of the New York Observer’s Best TV of 2009.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Not surprisingly, given the subjectivity of the enterprise Zoë mentions, I disagree with Mr. Rosen and Ms. Rice. But Rosen has it exactly right when he say 2009 was “Mad Men and everything else.” Continue reading

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The Fall Season: Flash Forward

ZOË RICE: I am already upset at Flash Forward. More specifically, I am upset that I cannot flash forward a year to when the whole first season is on DVD and I can sit down and watch it 20 hours straight because, Oh my God what happens next. This whole waiting a week for each episode thing may present a serious problem.

TED BERG: If you read this website with any regularity, you’ve probably noticed a theme in my reviews of pilot episodes of television shows. I’m often unimpressed, but I’m normally willing to watch it at least one more time because pilot episodes are often, by nature, too caught up with character and scenario introductions to serve as an adequate representation of the show.

Then there’s Flash Forward. Continue reading

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