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Breaking Down the Generic Ballot, Tax Cuts

JESSICA BADER: With the midterm elections less than six weeks away, each new batch of polls brings on another round of analysis, and those digging through the numbers try to make the polls fit their analysis just as much as…

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In Briefs: 20 Percent Think Obama Is Muslim

HOWARD MEGDAL: Honestly: does this matter? Aren’t these the same 20 percent who weren’t going to vote for him anyway?

JESSICA BADER: It matters in the sense that most of the people who think that also think very bad things about Muslims.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Right. But if that 20% who conflate the two are harsh critics anyway… Continue reading

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Financial Reform: Politics and Policy Implications

HOWARD MEGDAL: The New York Times rundown of the Financial Reform bill talks about the political risks associated with the bill, lumping it in with health care reform.

Don’t you believe it. The only ones hurt by this bill are the malefactors of great wealth on Wall Street (note: this is not everyone on Wall Street or close to it, to be clear), and this is a political winner.

JESSICA BADER While I mostly agree with Howard on the political impact of the bill (John Boehner’s call for repeal is the sort of thing that makes political sense only if one defines the GOP’s goal as “making Robert Gibbs look silly for stating that Republicans have a chance of winning the House of Representatives”), what interests me most is where progressives go from here, both on this bill and other elements of the Obama agenda. Continue reading

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Politics of Financial Reform

HOWARD MEGDAL: The GOP’s inability to get out of its own way on financial reform has given the Democrats an awfully effective cudgel heading into the 2010 midterms.

CHRIS PUMMER: Everyone wants to stick it to Wall Street, at least if you believe the rhetoric emanating from all corners of populism’s political spectrum. But while pushing aggressive financial reforms might move the needle ever so slightly for the Democrats going into his fall’s election, my impression is the process will seem so abstract to Joe Voter that it won’t yield the huge amounts of political capital some expect. Continue reading

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