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Free Online Content, and Its Discontents

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Does anyone else worry that the proliferation of free online content has increasingly devalued the sorts of artistic media (writing, videos, pictures, music etc.) that can be freely and easily distributed online to the extent that it is going to ultimately discourage creative people from going into those fields (i.e. getting liberal arts/journalism degrees and other education in those fields) since they can’t really profit from doing those things– which is going to degrade the quality of that content overall until it’s really not even worth paying for anyway?

AKIE BERMISS: Free online content. While many have moved on the practical solutions to this new state of things this is a question of — still! — grave importance to me.  iIs been over a decade since the mp3 was introduced to the world and still the music industry is reeling from the blows of that technological leap. Continue reading

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Review: The King’s Speech

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: Hearing only good things about “The King’s Speech”, either from people who had seen it before me or from reviewers who have the luxury of savoring the film fresh out of Hollywood, I was prepared for something a cut above the substantially lacking CGI speckled scenes that have come to hypnotize the modern movie goer. I had heard rumors of serious Oscar buzz for Colin Firth (who stars in the film), and applauded that concept wildly, simply for his undeniable ability to dominate and humanize a role with the confidence that would put one in mind of a male counterpart to Meryl Streep. In no way, however, was I prepared for such a pure, raw, inspiring piece of film making that encompassed the mystery of the Royal Family and the very human dilemma of coping with imperfection.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agree wholeheartedly with Sonia’s take on the film as a whole, but I’d like to spotlight a particular achievement- Colin Firth’s ability to score consistently with wit, despite his character’s speech impediment. Continue reading

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