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Royal Wedding Reaction

HOWARD MEGDAL: So wait, who is getting married? Actually, don’t tell me. I don’t care.

I have a vague awareness that someone royal is getting married. Prince Will? Not sure. And you know why I don’t know? Because it is my right as an American not to be sure.

ZOË RICE: A couple nights ago, I dreamed I was at Prince William’s wedding. In my dream we had grown up together; I had known him in the old days, before he was Prince, and though we’d lost touch, my childhood chum still invited me to his wedding. But of course in real life, Wills was never not a prince. He didn’t win fame later in life – he was born into it. Born into royalty, a vestige of a thousand years of inter-marrying and family crests and political alliances and crazy nobles and jewels and dungeons and every single thing your life is not. And now he’s marrying! Creating more royalty! I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to peek?

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Do Romantic Comedies Ruin Relationships?

THOMAS DELAPA: If you learn about romance just from Hollywood movies, you’re courting unhappiness.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The day I met my fiancé, it was raining in Manhattan, and we were both standing under the same canopy, and then he stole my cab, so I had to walk. At the time I was late for an important dinner, and when I finally got to the dinner, dripping wet, he was mysteriously there! I was so angry that I threw a drink in his face. And it turned he was my boss’s son! But I only found this out right before I got up to make a huge speech in front of the whole company! Later, we found love.

SARA WELSH: Relationships built on real feelings aren’t changed by pixie dust.

AKIE BERMISS: Do romantic comedies ruin relationships? Probably. In our culture there is probably there is a generally preoccupation with fantastical situations. We all thinking we’re going to be rich someday, we all want to be the cool person at the party, we all think we deserve to be famous — and we all think true love is just around the corner. These are the falsehoods upon which much of the American Dream is predicated. Continue reading

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