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Euro 2012 Draw in Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: For me, the two storylines from Friday’s Euro 2012 draw were Groups A and B. Group B is the all-time, nastiest of the nasty, the one Group of Death to rule them all. Group A? Well, my rec league team could win Group A, and our median age is somewhere north of 40.
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Thoughts on England-France

MIKE CUMMINGS: Heading into international week, the England-France friendly looked more like a matchup of European soccer’s Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Moreso than any other European nations, England and France embarrassed themselves at the World Cup, and in the intervening four months have looked at times varyingly adrift and obsolete. After Wednesday, when Tweedledum beat Tweedledee 2-1 at Wembley, it’s looking like England is more alone than ever in its fairy-tale notion of traditional soccer supremacy. That is to say, Tweedledum wised up while Tweedledee continued to twiddle its thumbs.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Certainly, the positives France can take from this match bode well for their rebuilding, while England received little solace beyond the precocious Carroll. But we’ve learned something else: it was far from a rash move when Blanc suspended his entire team against Norway earlier this year. Continue reading

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England-Montenegro Thoughts

HOWARD MEGDAL: I’m fairly shocked to be writing this: Montenegro looks like more than a side now in pretty good shape to earn a bid to Euro 2012. They looked at Wembley like a side that deserved to be there.

MIKE CUMMINGS: You said it, Howard: At what point do we start wondering whether England is a disappointment — or just plain not that good? After the events of the World Cup this past summer, and now this result against Montenegro, it’s time to start wondering out loud. Continue reading

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