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Health Care Summit In Review

CHRIS PUMMER: I’m sorry, but I didn’t watch the HCR summit. I didn’t have time, and even if I did, I wasn’t expecting much. Just skimming the recaps, it looks like it did when they first announced it: a waste of time orchestrated to provide some extra political cover for Democrats when they ram it down the GOP’s throat.

AKIE BERMISS: Unlike Chris, I DID watch the HCR summit and I can confirm that he didn’t miss very much. I made the painful commitment of watching from start to finish — which worked out to be something 10am to 5pm. And the majority of it was spent either completely watching President Obama and the Democrats react to the highly organized Republican talking points. In the press conference the Democrats held afterwards, Harry Reid opened by saying: “The most patient person in the world is Barack Obama.” Continue reading

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Obama and the GOP Retreat

CHRIS PUMMER: If the new fiery rhetoric is what it takes to push Republicans deep enough into a corner that governing might be done this year, Obama needs to bring more of it. Because action is required unless he want to see Republicans bring the house down on him in November.
AKIE BERMISS: I don’t mean to say that Obama’s stint at the GOP Retreat last week fielding questions and answering them with wit, aplomb, and gravitas is going to tear our whole society asunder. ¬†But I do think that, when we look back on this administration and talk about what it was truly known for: this will be it. ¬†Friday was a return to something politics has been missing for quite sometime: intellect. Continue reading

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