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The Liberal Enthusiasm Gap

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: The folks at Public Policy Polling recently announced that Democrats are facing an “enthusiasm gap” going into the 2012 presidential (re)election, with fewer than 50 percent of polled Dems announcing they are “very excited” about…

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Polling Anomalies and Election 2010

JESSICA BADER: A huge part of the argument that Democrats will be shellacked in the midterm elections is the “enthusiasm gap.” It’s a plausible scenario. It also just might be dead wrong.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I’ll be honest: this began as a discussion on why the skeptics of polls around this time are usually unduly optimistic members of whatever party is about to get shellacked. The cell phone phenemenon is a great example- have that many people really purchased cell phones between 2008, when the polling was quite good, and 2010? Continue reading

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Breaking Down the Generic Ballot, Tax Cuts

JESSICA BADER: With the midterm elections less than six weeks away, each new batch of polls brings on another round of analysis, and those digging through the numbers try to make the polls fit their analysis just as much as…

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