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Copyright Law and Ellen

EMILY SAIDEL: In the community of good liberals and active artists, record labels are often demonized.The wild witchhunts to track illegal music downloads of the early aughts, led to vast humor at these corporations’ expenses. However, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is now accused of using music without the permission of the rights’ holders, namely all the major record labels. And they are rightly being sued for that abuse.

STEVE MURPHY: Musicians can’t be expected to monitor, contact and invoice everyone who uses their music. Several major organizations exist to fill this role of administrative middleman, to protect and enforce the performance rights of people who make music. On it’s face, that sounds pretty noble. Unfortunately these companies, which could better be described as collection agencies, have become so greedy and opaque that their ‘protection’ now means rabid enforcement to the point of decreasing the potential for an artist’s sales and exposure.

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: Two words (in Latin, even): De minimis. (As in that well known limerick about the ill-endowed lawyer. You know the one I mean.) Continue reading

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