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Pennsylvania’s Electoral Vote by Congressional District Proposal

ALLISON REILLY: Pennsylvania’s proposal to restructure the electoral vote is simply genius. I think that this restructuring would fix a lot of problems with the current electoral college system, while also fixing problems presidential elections as a whole.

JESSICA BADER: Aside from arguing that pitchers shouldn’t be considered in MVP voting, just about the quickest way to get me on my soapbox is to say something nice about the Electoral College. I think it’s ridiculous, that it depresses voter turnout (if your vote doesn’t really matter unless you live in a swing state, many people aren’t going to bother voting), and that it should be scrapped in favor of how we vote for pretty much any other elected office – the candidate with the most actual people voting for them wins, regardless of the geographic distribution of these people. You never hear anyone suggesting that, say, we should determine gubernatorial elections by giving a certain number of points to the candidate who wins each county, and the absurdity of that proposal should illustrate that the only real thing the Electoral College has going for it is status quo bias. Having gotten all of that out of the way, I have to say that the recent proposal by some Pennsylvania Republicans to allocate their state’s electoral votes by Congressional District (as is done in Maine and Nebraska) makes the current state of the Electoral College look good by comparison. Continue reading

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The Electoral College: Good Riddance?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: We are long past due to abandon the Electoral College for good. It unnecessarily favors small states by weighing their votes more heavily than others; it funnels far too much campaign money and effort into a handful of “swing” states; and it results in bizarre outcomes that do not reflect the will of the American voting public.

DAN SZYMBORSKI: While I agree with my colleague that there are certainly modifications to our voting scheme to would enhance value (though considering some of the problems people have with butterfly ballots and touch screens, a complex method will be a nightmare), the electoral college does a good job.

Next time someone tries to tell you that we live in a democracy, please punch them in the face. But don’t get my name involved. Continue reading

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Things That Make No Sense: Scientology and the Electoral College

LILIT MARCUS: So, I’m a religion journalist. Can you imagine a less glamorous job? No one wants to make dinner party conversation about the Pope’s latest speech. However, if I want people to sit rapt and stare at me, all I have to do is offer to explain what the hell Scientology is about. I was going to do that here, and then I realized that a) it’s been done already, and b) I can provide it right here in all its brilliant South Park glory.

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: At least you get invited to dinner parties. As a lawyer, I don’t get called unless and until a guest slips and falls! Okay, I’m not that kind of lawyer. But I too have an excess of information no one wants. For example: I understand the Electoral College (U.S. version). You can too! Continue reading

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