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Orphaned Opinion: Can Economy Hurt US Debtors in 2011?

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Consumers in the US have bore the brunt of tough economic situations throughout the last decade. With record unemployment

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Obama Oval Office Speech Reaction

HOWARD MEGDAL: In a speech with much discussion of the war in Iraq and the economy, it is three paragraphs about Afghanistan that I think provides the real news of the night.

JEREMY FUGLEBERG: A promise kept, Pres. Obama said in his speech to the nation about the Iraq war. Continue reading

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In Briefs: 20 Percent Think Obama Is Muslim

HOWARD MEGDAL: Honestly: does this matter? Aren’t these the same 20 percent who weren’t going to vote for him anyway?

JESSICA BADER: It matters in the sense that most of the people who think that also think very bad things about Muslims.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Right. But if that 20% who conflate the two are harsh critics anyway… Continue reading

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