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LeBron and Thanking Cleveland

NAVA BRAHE: When I think of athletes and free agency, I think of the scene in the hockey movie “Slapshot”, where French Canadian goalie Denis Lemieux is having a telephone conversation with his agent, and is advised by his teammate to say, “Trade me right f@%&ing now!” and hang up the phone. If you want out, and you’re able to swing it, fine; but don’t kick the hornets’ nest of disappointed hometown fans by rubbing it in their faces upon your departure. That’s exactly what LeBron James did with his ridiculous newspaper ad that ran in the Akron Beacon-Journal.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I get it: Cleveland feels aggrieved. Yes, LeBron had every right to break up with them- no, he didn’t handle it in the classiest possible way. (Think of sending your girlfriend a DVD of you with your new girlfriend- or worse, televising that DVD on ESPN.)

But I don’t think it is unreasonable for LeBron, after weeks of the city burning him in effigy, not to want to mention them in his ad. Continue reading

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Stephen Strasburg’s Season Line?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like everyone else with eyes, I have been completely blown away by what I’ve seen from Stephen Strasburg. I wanted to look at his stats through four starts, however, and try to determine roughly what his season line will look like. This is merely an educated guess, of course, and there are very few parallels to cite when making such a prediction.

Through four games, Strasburg has pitched 25.1 innings, has a 1.78 ERA, has walked five and struck out 41. That was fun just to type, and I’m not even a Nats fan. Let’s compare him to even the most sensational phenoms through four starts. He comes out atop even such distinguished company. Continue reading

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