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Mad Men: Far Away Places

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: This Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men” lived up to its title and certainly took us to some far away places, like the deep subconscious of Roger Sterling, the most unstable anxieties of Don Draper, the biggest resentments held by Megan Draper, and the ever-changing thought processes of Peggy Olson. We tripped out and got cerebral, dropped some jaws, and actually started to like Megan a little bit more. We watched out heros feebly try to negotiate the territory between time, space, and good intentions. With another destructive relationship crossed out, “Mad Men” travels deeper into the knots and snarls that this season, and seasons past, have left to be slowly untangled.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Exactly! Roger and Joan getting out of their entanglements, back-to-back! Guessing it isn’t that simple, but that’s certainly what I thought of as well. Continue reading

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Afghanistan: What Comes Next

JEREMY FUGLEBERG: Sen. John Kerry would oppose sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, even if Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the NATO effort there, would request reinforcements.

Instead, Kerry proposes getting more countries involved, as if that’s the solution to Afghanistan’s situation. At best, his is a throw-up-your-hands suggestion and at worst, it’s empty talk and way too late.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While much of Barack Obama’s remaining domestic agenda hangs in the balance of the 2010 midterm elections, his only hope for further funding of the war in Afghanistan may come from a GOP landslide. Continue reading

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Inappropriate School Speakers

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: When I was in Middle School—that’s grades 6-8, for those of you who grew up without the benefit of one—almost certainly in sixth grade, when we were most impressionable (or whatever), my class was treated to an assembly presentation by a local law enforcement officer. The topic: Drugs. (Or, more likely, Drugs Are Bad.) I remember nothing from the presentation (which was, to be fair to myself, 25 years ago) except this meta-vignette:

EMILY SAIDEL: When I was growing up, and this may still be true, New Jersey required three marking periods of gym and one marking period of health education for all four years of high school. Of course, one year of health was sex ed and another, quite usefully, was the testing part of drivers’ ed. Another was completely forgettable, probably about illegal drugs, and the final year, senior year of high school was something along the lines of useful life skills. Continue reading

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