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In Briefs: Refusing a Drink at a Party

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I know there are those of us on this list who do not drink– and I’m totally cool with that! Really! My question, though, is: is there a way of politely saying, ‘no thanks’ at a party when someone offers you a drink without actually saying, ‘no thanks, I don’t drink?’ Not to be picky, but they are not asking you if you drink. They are asking if you would like a drink. Is there a way to be lighthearted or blase about your refusal without making your host/hostess suddenly feel like a big ‘ol lush? Because while I love my non-drinking bretheren, I find that many of them have way of letting their non-drinking status be known that totally RECORD SCRATCH falls with a thud and kind of kills the conversation and makes for an awkward moment. Especially when the person offering them a drink is just being polite and trying to be a good host (generally speaking). and is not trying to pump you full of booze (generally speaking) until you black out and forget your own name. If they offer you a snack and you’ve don’t want any, you can say, ‘no thanks, I’ve already eaten.’ But to an offer of a beverage, I guess you can’t really say, ‘no thanks, I’ve been drinking in the car on my way here.’ Anyway. Deep Thursday Thoughts here. Anyone have a solution?

CHRIS PUMMER: No thanks. Also, your processed snack might be made with genetically modified corn, and I don’t eat that or gluten or meat or dairy or eggs or fish. You’re being a great host, though. Continue reading

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Drinking And Family Gatherings

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: True or false: Drinking was invented immediately after family gatherings were invented.

AKIE BERMISS: Isn’t drinking how babies get made in the first place? Have I been doing it wrong all these years? Continue reading

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R-Rated Films and Drinking Young

HOWARD MEGDAL: As someone who grew up watching R-rated movies, but not drinking liberally at ten, allow me to register some suspicion over the recent Dartmouth study linking the two. And I say this while acknowledging, if anyone should know about youth drinking, it is the people at Dartmouth. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Hangovers

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Just curious, in TPP staff opinion, what form of booze causes the worst hangovers? I recall hearing that clear liquors like vodka were not as bad as brown liquors like bourbon. I seem to get worse red wine hangovers than white. I kind of wonder if there’s a science to this, or it’s all hearsay.

TED BERG: The worst hangovers on note are caused by Towne Club Vodka, exclusively available at Towne Liquors on Wisconsin Ave. in DC.

DAVE TOMAR: Any tequila from a plastic bottle. I spent a night with Cactus Jack once. I vomited so hard that I burst the blood vessels around my eyes. Continue reading

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